Akshar Bharati


Akshar Bharati is an initiative to nurture the reading habits in children between age group 5-15 years from underprivileged and remote areas by facilitating access to good non-academic literature. We set up libraries for such children in their localities so that the books are available when they need them the most. We strongly believe that quality reading develops the wisdom to make appropriate choices as one grows which ultimately enhances the quality of life by becoming better citizens. This is our way of contributing to the India’s Vision 2020 of being a developed and self sufficient nation.

Akshar Bharati provides an easy way for everyone to get involved in this Social cause.


To help achieve India’s Vision 2020 of becoming a developed nation and sustain the growth through development of tomorrow’s citizens by encouraging environment of learning and education.


To equip each underprivileged society across India with a community library that will encourage the habit of reading and self development.

Akshar Bharati Journey

Started off in April ‘07 & marching towards opening its 800th library by December 2016.

600+ libraries up & running across India.

15 companies associated with aksharbharati.

150+ local NGOs supporting AB libraries.

More than 1,25,000 kids benefited through 4,15,000+ books

3 Library on Wheels (LoW)

Akshar Bharati is a initiative of Sewa International an NGO which facilitates in raising funds for various causes & distribute among member NGOs.